Model G-20


I can imagine that very little gets accomplished at the G-20, where global leaders represent the best interest of their own countries. Just like the real G-20 not every country is represented, and the leaders who are present control the conversation. And also, the terms of the agreement are not legally binding. The model G-20 really was a great experience though. At the model G-20 I listened to inspiring talks, had meaningful conversation, and met people from all over the world with diverse perspectives on global issues. And, at the end of the day, the leaders of Russia, South Korea, and the United States worked together to write a cohesive message agreed upon by the leaders of the G-20. Which, sort-of, happened at the real G-20, and that’s kind of cool to think about.

As President of Russia, this was my message to the global leaders of the model G-20:

Russia stands for peace, democracy, and security.  Russia has provided peace and security to millions of people. We have been willfully misrepresented by the world, and excluded from economic talks.  Going forward, we demand greater representation at future international economic talks, and the elimination of trade sanctions wrongly imposed on Russia. With the money from trade we will be able to build a more sustainable finance system.

…Crimea made a democratic choice to join Russia…Ukrainian nationalist groups rebelled against the government…The UN has yet to take a stance on Syria..Russia has strong intellectual resources… a strong cyber presence protects intellectual property…We fully support the Paris Agreement…

The global leaders agreed on the following:

We, the heads of states of the G20, agree on the following:
*We will continue to increase the transparency of international trade. We will monitor and promote foreign direct investment with a priority for developing countries. We will continue our commitment to a strong financial safety net. We agree on the development of renewable energy technologies. *We encourage collaboration among information agencies to combat terrorism, and increase cyber-security.

*Yes, “[w]e will continue to increase the transparency of international trade,” sounds vague. It is very vague. The United States and the rest of the world, India in particular, couldn’t come to an agreement on bilateral vs multilateral trade.

*Terrorism was a top issue for all countries present at the G-20, especially European countries.



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