Laryngitis: The Best Kind of Sick Day 


If you have to be sick, laryngitis is the way to go. An illness that mostly results in an inability to talk, although painful in some ways, is great  because you can still do most things that you would want to do.  I went to work with laryngitis on Tuesday, and got sent home almost immediately, Hong Kong style, with a medical mask. I didn’t go home though. I took the tram up to the Peak and hiked down. Then, I went to the Botanical gardens, aviaries, and primate exhibits. I toured some art galleries. I saw some traditional art, some contemporary art, and also, a Picasso. Like a Picasso, Picasso, drawn by Picasso himself. For lunch, I went to a restaurant with menus only in Chinese.  I used all of the Cantonese that I knew. The cashier said ” your Cantonese is soooo good“, and asked the couple waiting behind me to translate for me. We had a nice conversation about Hong Kong, the weather in the UK, and American politics. They bought my lunch. Then I wandered around. I went to a coffee shop. For dinner, I met with friends from Hong Kong. I was not upset about being sent home.


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